Smart Business Machines


Smart Business Machines builds and supports networks in some of the most demanding and secure environments, including financial services institutions, hospitals, retail chains, remote facilities, university campuses and government offices.



We offer services for Local Area Network (Lan) Design and Implementation that help the client in enhancing the exchange of information with ease. We provide this service as per the nature of client’s business and his specified requirements. Our designing and implementation services cover security, scalability and availability. We also offer a complete implementation plan and provide training for the same along, to ensure complete client satisfaction.


  • UTP Cable Pulling, Termination, Testing and Commissioning and labeling
  • Fiber Cable Pulling, Termination, Testing and commissioning and labeling
  • Cabinet and Rack Installations
  • EMT Pipes Fixing
  • Cable Tray Installations



The wide area network (WAN) is the single biggest contributor to a corporate network’s cost of ownership. Therefore this is the area where the cost versus performance trade-off is most pronounced and most critical. At Smart Business Machines Solutions, we will explore the various alternatives that must be evaluated when choosing and designing a WAN infrastructure. Also the different topological and technological options in terms of how they relate to the fundamental WAN design goals.

Features and Benefits

  • More geographical area coverage, less distances
  • Instant and efficient collaboration
  • Sharing of expensive resources between branches/offices(i.e. network printers, scanners and internet conection)


Our Network Security and Designing Services help you develop the design and plan for the new network security solution, including identifying requirements and defining the high-level architectural, topological, and functional specifications.