Smart Business Machines


Our Wireless Lan Solutions bring routing, switching, security, and wireless technologies together to enable employees, customers, and partners to access mission-critical applications with any device from anywhere, any time – securely, reliably, transparently.



Get industry-leading performance with our partners’ access points for highly secure and reliable wireless connections for both indoor and outdoor environments. Megatron Global LTD offers a broad portfolio of access points targeted to the specific needs of all industries, business types, and topologies.


Our high-performance, point-to-point and multipoint solutions operate in many frequencies, providing reliable connectivity when and where you need it, even in the most challenging environments.


  • Deliver high-speed, robust wireless backhaul.
  • Connect buildings in a campus setting.
  • Extend video surveillance beyond the wired infrastructure.
  • Support bandwidth-intensive applications such as Voice-over-IP, telemedicine, IP gaming and multimedia.
  • Deliver up to 99.999% availability in virtually any environment, including non-line-of-sight, long-distance line-of-sight, over water or open terrain, even through extreme weather conditions.