Smart Business Machines

MEGATRON System Integration Strength Competencies

Project Management Life Cycle

Smart Business Machines complies with PMI standards and guidelines, going through; we are a proje​ctized organizational structure.
Project initiation stage sets up the objectives and sees preparation of the Statement of Work (SOW)with solid business case to have a complete project charter.
The planning process ensures the creation of a project management plan, which contains, but not limited to the following elements: scope baseline, schedule baseline, cost baseline, quality service maintenance by applying control chart, statistical sampling & presaging. All risks are registered and updated with a comprehensive risk response plan.
The execution stage schedules equipment use to keep track of the baseline and revise the schedule when needed and compress schedule by either fast tracking or crashing.
Team performance assessment, information dissemination, applying communication management plan, and keeping project documents updated are performed at this point.
Monitoring & controlling stage ensures the submission of report performance and the performing of variance &trend analysis, inspections & audits, quality control measurement, validating deliverable and changes, reviewing recommended change, Risk reassessment and audit is a major success criteria at this point.
Closing phase requires reviewing and archiving of all project documents such as success criteria, critical criteria, corrective & preventive actions in pursuit of addressing customer satisfaction.

Partnering with Lead technology providers

MEGATRON has been guided by a philosophy on working with the “best of breed” business partners in IT solutions and technology.

Management strategy focuses on customer orientation and satisfaction

Variety in business partners gives MEGATRON the flexible in meeting different market demands, thereby increasing the company’s customer base.​

Certified team

MEGATRON staff undergo periodic training, and are duly certified in their areas of specialization.
Sales, Pre-sales and after-sale teams are certified in products and solutions as well as other IT professional trainings.​​​

Solutions diversity

​With MEGATRON’s four strategic business units, the company can meet clients’ specific requirements and enables it to cover a wide range of IT solutions (i.e. networking, physical security, safety, enterprise, infrastructure, etc.) at lower cost and speed of service.​

Credibility (Experiences)

Over the years, MEGATRON has accomplished many huge projects on different scales, enabling it to gain invaluable experience in IT solutions and technologies.
This experience also earns MEGATRON the credibility to provide the customers with innovative solutions that can deliver real benefits and measurable results.​

Group model and support

The MEGATRON group of companies contributes to the full service life cycle of IT business, where one of member company offers its expertise on operation, while another on design, another one provides support and maintenance, and so on. This business strategy enables MEGATRON to meet clients’ requirements despite the size or complexity of a project.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​